The digital age exposes us to a new world of unlimited possibilities and content. There are many advantages to this, although in the opinion of many there is a great, significant drawback – the lack of the physical dimension.
In the world of music, the digital revolution has a particularly large influence - the culture of downloading music from the internet is gradually replacing the experience of holding an "object of music". Therefore, physical items such as music CD's, tapes and records are disappearing - in addition to the graphic art accompanying them.
“Albumart” is a new music format, offering a new relationship between the digital culture of music and physical objects. A relationship that operates according to the digital culture but in the same time recognizes the significance of the graphic art of a music album.
"Albumart" contains a collection of music players, for outdoor and home listening, and "Links". The "Link" - a ring that is custom-designed according to album, offers musicians an opportunity to preserve and express the visual-touchable aspect of their music. Users can listen to the "Links", or the albums, at home - by connecting them to a home player. The home player, once it identifies the Link, projects a user interface on a level surface. Since the music of the album is streamed directly from the web through the player, additional content such as videos, live performances, lyrics and other updates relevant for the album is available for viewing, through the interface. The "Links" can also be worn as accessories and listened to outdoors - by connecting them to various portable players. In that way, users can “reveal” the music they listen to and love - as it is displayed as a fashionable accessory.

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